Labour Councillors




Judith has served as a councillor on Kensington and Chelsea Council for 28 years. For the last two years she has been Leader of the Labour Group. She served as Deputy Mayor of the Royal Borough between 2007-08. Judith chaired a ground-breaking review of health inequalities in the Borough a couple of years ago and it was through this work that she identified the needs of residents with learning disabilities as a policy area she is particularly interested in. Other special interests include housing, working with the voluntary and community sector and improving the local environment. She is particularly proud that the Notting  Barns ward initiative that she leads has brought together many local residents with excellent ideas for improving the locality, many of which are now being actively progressed.  Over the last four years Judith has dealt with more than 500 cases raised by local people, mostly concerning housing but also covering health, planning, education and social services matters.




Robert has been active in North Kensington politics and community organisations for over 20 years. He served as a governor of Sion Manning School and St Charles Sixth Form College. As a board member of the Kensington and Chelsea Primary Care Trust, he promoted the redevelopment of St. Charles Hospital as a key provider of a wide range of primary health care to our local community.  As a North Kensington councillor for 18 years, Robert initiated the campaigns for a new secondary school in North Kensington, the transfer of Little Wormwood Scrubs to our borough and the regeneration of St. Mark’s Park.




Todd is an experienced solicitor who enjoys using his legal skills as an advocate for the residents of Notting Barns. Todd is also an experienced primary school governor, and currently serves as a governor of Oxford Gardens Primary School. Other policy priorities for Todd include helping residents into affordable, high quality homes and promoting equal opportunities for ethnic and other minority communities. Todd was raised in Kentucky and was proud to be naturalised as a British citizen in 2006. He has extensive campaigning experience, both in this country and internationally, including for the Democratic Party in the United States and the Labour Parties in New Zealand and Australia. He lives just off Notting Hill Gate with his civil partner, Mark, and their Belgian Schipperke dog, Jackie.






Emma was born and bred in the borough, and has been politically active since attending school at Sacred Heart Hammersmith, where she joined the NUSS and went on strike to ban uniforms. She has worked on design and architecture magazines throughout her career, and wrote her MA thesis on architecture and politics. She has written two books (and is working on another) and contributed to countless others. Her unfinished PhD is on social housing. She entered local politics as she wanted to reinforce her academic work with action. Since 2006 she has represented Golborne Ward, which she calls ‘a proper family neighbourhood’, and is determined to improve the area for local people, despite the Council’s attempts at gentrification. She is still a guest lecturer at her old college, Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, and encourages her students to study and write about Golborne. She is Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, chair of Cabinet and Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee,  and sits on Housing and Property, Planning and Major Planning committees.



Cllr Pat MasonPat Mason has served as a Golborne Ward Councillor since 1991, and lived and worked in North Kensington for 29 years. He’s an environmental campaigner, worked to clear crime, drugs, crack houses, dog mess and anti social behaviour from our streets and estates and fights for more social rented & affordable housing and against the Tory-Lib Dem government’s social cleansing policies. Pat is a school governor, involved in the Love Golborne project to economically regenerate Golborne, ran the 1958-9 remembered celebrations, is a Carnival community mediator, Chair of K&C Friends of Palestine, succeeded in stopping Boris Johnson axing the borough’s traffic lights and prevented the Council building luxury flats on Meanwhile Gardens. Pat campaigns to save the NHS, is opposed to cutting police numbers, slashing front line services and local jobs, selling the Post Office, and is against spending £50bn on Trident missiles, and £billions bombing and occupying foreign lands when we could spend the money on better pensions or reducing bus and tube fares.



<Cllr Bridget HoierBridget was born in the West of Ireland and has lived in North Kensington all her adult life. She raised a family of five, for the most part living in Golborne. A long serving Councillor for the Golborne Ward , she has been involved in the Golborne United Partnership, the Golborne Forum and Festival and as a  school governor of two local schools, currently St Mary’s. She has served on local community centres, the North Kensington Law Centre and Portobello Market Forum. She campaigns to improve housing conditions and reduce overcrowding; youth service and centres; social care; parks, public spaces; and for safer cycling






Pat Healy is Labour Group secretary and spokesperson for Health and Adult Social Care. She serves on the Health, Environmental Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee and the Domestic and Sexual Abuse Strategic Group. She has lived in St Charles Ward since 1970 and was a Colville ward councillor from 1990-2002. She has served on the boards of North Kensington Law Centre, History Talk and Chelsea Theatre.

Pat has a long record of campaigning in North Kensington, particularly on health, safety and housing issues. A social policy journalist, Pat was Health and Social Services Correspondent of The Times but went freelance after refusing move to Wapping after the newspaper was taken over by Rupert Murdoch. Pat is an active trade unionist activist and a Vice President of  the National Pensioners Convention, which campaigns for better pensions and public services.



Bob has lived in St. Helens Gardens since 1980, and knows North Kensington well. He is a town planner, formerly working in Local Government, with a lifelong interest in politics.  He has campaigned locally on housing, education and health issues, and is Labour spokesperson for Housing and Property.  A former Treasurer of the local branch of Anti-Apartheid, he is also a supporter of Amnesty International.  He is a strong believer in the Welfare State, good quality Comprehensive schools, and the importance of Council and other social housing.




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