Helping Portobello Market: Labour launches the ‘Shop local… Shop small…’ campaign

Petitioning Kensington & Chelsea is always a good thing. In fact, Kensington Labour Party  thinks any sort of democratic involvement by active citizens is a good thing. But if we really want to protect Portobello Market, as local residents, we have to “put our money where our mouth is”. We need grassroots action, not just words…

Your Colville and Golborne Ward teams

That’s why your Labour politicians in Colville and Golborne Wards have launched the Shop local… Shop small… campaign, to raise awareness amongst local residents about just how useful Portobello and Golborne markets are. Starting Monday 8th March, your Labour teams will be doing three things to help the market thrive…

  1. We’ll be collecting price comparisons for various everyday items from Portobello Market, and pitching them against the high street names. Because we want to promote the value for money of Portobello to more locals.
  2. We’ll be developing a poster campaign in as many Portobello shops and stalls as possible to remind everyone to ‘Shop local… Shop small…’ Because sometimes we all need reminding.
  3. We’ll be delivering a price comparison leaflet to thousands of residents in Colville Ward. Because we want to advertise some of the savings residents can make by shopping on the ‘bella versus the high street names.

Every extra pound we as local residents spend on the market goes some way to helping to protect it. That’s the impetus behind the campaign and that’s us “putting our money where our mouth is”.

Written by Amir Akhrif. For more information, you can read his blog at

1 thought on “Helping Portobello Market: Labour launches the ‘Shop local… Shop small…’ campaign

  1. hi, my name is linda lamb, resident near golborne road, my email is,..would like to join a campaign that is interested in developing a north kensington football club near the gasworks, site at the back of sainsburys,..have done some petitions and had feedback from the local young residents, who are very interested in the idea of having their own grass football pitches and perhaps the chance to develop their own football club,..I dont think there has been a football club in the area,..the nearest one being QPR. at white city. ..I think it would boost the local area and the local younger residents,..for an entrepreneur,. to come along and develop this possibility, ie; Richard Branston… or Alan Sugar,..who had previously had run a football club, I believe,.. it would put North Kensington,.. on the map, I believe,../… also there are other parts of London, eg. Brixton,.. who have their own currency,..and Bristol now has the bristol pound, what about the Portobello Pound,.. portobello shares, portobello coffee, etc…portobello football shares,.etc///

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