Golborne Market – Alive and Cooking

I am increasingly frustrated with the activities of certain members of the community who, apparently for political reasons, have talked down Portobello Market to the extent that visitors are being told that the Council, or ‘they’, are actually closing the market down. One unhappy tourist, who believed the rubbish they had found on the 34,000 Facebook site, even wrote to THE QUEEN to ask her to intervene in the closing down of the market.

My colleague Councillor Pat Mason spoke about this at the Council meeting on 23.6.10, and here is the link so you can read it: the links have gone pearshaped, you will have to cut and paste: http://www.golbornelabourcouncillors.co.uk

The Council has indeed been weak and confused – to an extraordinarily unhelpful degree – in its message about the market, but there is no way it intends to shut it down. While we go about educating the Council on how to deal with this, I would like to put out another message about the market.

I luuuurrrve markets, and our Golborne and Portobello Markets in particular, and have visited several times a week for nearly a quarter century. I have also studied the history of the market, which goes ‘way’ back. There are peaks and troughs, and if, for some mysterious reason not unconnected to global recession, the antiques section of the market is struggling, that is very very hard for the traders there and they have my total sympathy, but this WILL change soon. There are still plenty of visitors and they will start spending very soon rather than just looking – soon enough I hope for you all to survive.

A bit further north, however, things are different. Golborne Market, which encompasses Golborne Road and the upper reaches of Portobello (what I like to call ‘Upper Portobello’ to stop people calling it ‘THE BOTTOM’) is enjoying a renaissance as foodie heaven.

The hot food stalls there, some there all week and others Thurs, Fri and Saturday, are just amazing with fabulous and economically priced food and the most amazing atmosphere as you can watch your meal or snack being prepped and cooked before your eyes. This is quite exciting as many of the ingredients are locally sourced, locally cooked, and of course, locally consumed.

A new enterprise here, which we hope will reinvigorate the section of Portobello just north of Golborne Road, is the Global Food market, involving some of the local eateries, which we hope will consolidate the fantastic work other hot food stalls have done along Golborne Road.

So, Golborne Market – alive and cooking. Come and eat with us when you have finished your market shopping.


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