By-election shock for Conservatives in Cremorne

Labour came within 19 votes of winning Cremorne ward in last week’s by-election, with  an overall 17% swing to Labour from the Conservatives and Lib Dems. Labour’s candidate Mabel McKeown won a clear majority of votes cast on the day. Residents on the World’s End, Cremorne and Guinness Trust estates turned out solidly for Labour. The Conservatives scraped in by organising postal votes from the wealthy eastern end of the ward.

In a letter to Cremorne voters Mabel pledges that Labour will not abandon Cremorne.

We will

• fight for tenants rights and more affordable housing, and against the cuts to housing benefits

• campaign to stop the use of Cremorne Gardens as a construction site for the Thames Tideway tunnel

• make sure the Tories know that the votes of people in Cremorne can never be taken for granted again.

Many residents still remember the Labour councillors who represented them before 2002, when the ward’s boundaries were gerrymandered to give the Conservatives a majority.

In Earl’s Court ward the Lib Dems beat the Tories after a frenetic campaign fought entirely on local issues.

Last Thursday was a bad night for the Conservatives – with several Tory councillors tottering on the edge of retirement, we predict it will be the first of many to come.

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