Labour supports ‘No Academy at Holland Park’

Students from Holland Park Comprehensive sent us this letter:

Dear Labour Councillors for Kensington and Chelsea,

I wonder if any of you would be interested in learning more about, attending a meeting of, or backing Campaign Against Holland Park Becoming An Academy, a recently set up local and student-led campaign calling for a schoolwide ballot on the status of Holland Park in the new academic year. We would be highly grateful of any support for our petition letter or our campaign.

I cannot underestimate the significance of Holland Park falling to the Department of Education’s reform programme, as one of the most prestigious state comprehensives in London.Thank you for your attention. Our website can be found here.

Yours sincerely,
Nathan Akehurst
Holland Park Student
Interim Chair of the Campaign
Member of Youth Parliament for Kensington and Chelsea (personal capacity)

 Cllr Robert Atkinson, Education Spokesperson, Kensington and Chelsea Labour Opposition Group has responded thus:

“I am horrified, having spent so much effort and money over the last 20 years building up such a spectacularly successful relationship between the school, the Council and the wider community, that this Council is now prepared to cast the school  adrift and gamble with young people’s future in pursuit of political dogma. Those who are pursuing academy status with such speed seem more interested in political preferment for themselves than strengthening the community by working together. Ruthless competition between schools has not been shown to improve standards. So much better to encourage schools and Councils to work together in partnership for the benefit of all. “.


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