CLP chair Mabel McKeown on West Central GLA Campaign

As chair of Kensington CLP I am looking forward to campaigning alongside Cllr Todd Foreman and all of our assembly candidates to win back London for Ken Livingstone. As some of you may know I stood to be the candidate for West Central at the Assembly elections, but I want to express in unequivocal terms that I am really delighted that we have Todd as our West Central candidate for the upcoming campaign. He is a hard working, passionate campaigner and I welcome his leadership and expertise in leading our West Central campaign. I am delighted too that I have been selected for the London Assembly Labour list, and have been twinned with Ealing and Hillingdon GLA seat, so will spend my time helping in Ealing as well and working hard in West Central and as chair of our CLP. I am looking forward to working as part of the 2012 campaign team across London to take the fight to the Tories.
We have a real challenge ahead, and we must do all that we can to ensure that we are a big presence in West Central, winning votes for Todd and winning back London for Labour. We are lucky to have such strong experience and energy in our CLP. I know we will a great campaign team for Todd and Ken. We know that London needs a Labour Mayor and Labour Assembly members now more than ever, and people are looking to us to be their voice against the Tory cuts. We have a lot to do, and we will fight to win.
Mabel Mckeown
Kensington CLP Chair
Labour List Candidate

1 thought on “CLP chair Mabel McKeown on West Central GLA Campaign

  1. I dunno Mabs, I’m sure TF is a jolly nice bloke ‘n, all good at the work etc.but I am quite frankly mystified by the selection process.I went to a meeting at my Queens Park branch when you were all doing those flying visits to present your rap etc and then there was a vote,I voted for a very energetic black lady who came from Stoke Newington I think & had done loads of activist stuff which seemed properly relevant .She won the vote at that meeting (please forgive, I’m getting old & names do escape me at times ! ) So ,was there another vote from all over “West Central”
    where she lost out ?

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