Cllr Todd Foreman, Labour’s candidate for the West Central London Assembly constituency, backed calls for Kit Malthouse to resign his position as deputy mayor for policing. The calls for Malthouse’s resignation have been made by Labour MP Chris Bryant and London Mayoral Candidate Ken Livingstone after it emerged that Malthouse personally intervened with the Commissioner of the Met to seek to shut down the police investigation into the ongoing phone hacking scandal.

The revelations about Malthouse’s intervention were contained in evidence to the Leveson inquiry from the former Commissioner of the Met, Sir Paul Stephen. Stephen said, “On several occasions after Operation Weeting had started and I had returned from sick leave, the Chair of the MPA, Kit Malthouse, expressed a view that we should not be devoting this level of resources to the phone hacking inquiry as a consequence of a largely political and media driven ‘level of hysteria’.”

Foreman is standing against Malthouse in the upcoming London Assembly elections on 3rd May. West Central includes the City of Westminster, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.
Foreman said today,

“Residents of West Central should be very concerned by today’s revelations about their London Assembly Member. It is completely unacceptable that Kit Malthouse sought to use his position to interfere in the police investigation of the phone hacking scandal. The phone hacking scandal is deeply serious, and the police need adequate resources to conduct their investigation. Furthermore, Malthouse’s intervention appears to be politically motivated. I agree with Chris Bryant and Ken Livingstone that Kit Malthouse should resign from his position as deputy mayor for policing, or Boris Johnson should sack him.”

Foreman added,
“West Central residents deserve much better than this sort of representation by Malthouse. Voters should send him packing in the upcoming London Assembly election on 3rd May.”


Contact Cllr Foreman on 07920 267 118.
Sir Paul Stephen’s written evidence is contained here (see paragraph 89):


  1. aaah friend of Shirley ! their power just goes to their head ,or somewhere,
    don’t it. Arrogant erm,fill in your own expletive ! -s ,we’re beginning to loose count as yes we clean them out and give them their marching orders as any decent society should,even their paymasters are turning
    (unlike Thatcher ) now and realising it won’t pay in the long run to abuse
    your real power base, ordinary people. Because when the money ran out that was what was at the bottom of the barrel (and, reading garbage in the paps doesn’t feed them much ! ) How many fake calls were made to Gordon Browns bank too in 2000 ,26 wasn’t it ? and who knows what else. And this investigation wasn’t even being carried out by a private company ; was it ? imagine then .

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