North Kensington residents and local Councillors met on 17 May in the North Pole pub to start the fight to stop Sainburys turning it into yet another outlet.

The cross-party team including Councillors Pat Healy and Bob Mingay from St Charles Ward, and Cllr Todd Foreman from Notting Barns where the pub is located, met a huge and angry group of local residents at the pub to kick off the campaign. Concerns range from the threat to other local convenience stores, loss of a highly valued local amenity, to increased parking problems from ‘drive-by’ shoppers. Various ideas were discussed and will be pursued: a petition to Council demanding they refuse a change of use class is being organised.

Cllr Foreman said “The North Pole pub is a landmark in North Kensington and its loss would be a huge blow to the community. To make matters worse, if the premises turned into yet another chain supermarket outlet then the survival of nearby small businesses would be threatened.”

Cllr Healy said : ‘I have been approached by many local residents and shopkeepers who are outraged at this threat to the community. The degree of anger was palpable at the meeting as scores of people crowded into the pub to have their say.’

Cllr Mingay said: ‘The loss of the last remaining pub in this part of the Borough to an unwanted supermarket would breach RBKC’s Core Planning Strategy. We will pursue every avenue in Planning Law to stop what local opinion clearly regards as an outrage.’



  1. Councillors have stated that this change of use would be against our Core Strategy, which was heavily consulted upon with local residents and agreed by full Council. We believe this proposal could contravene Policies CK1, CK2 and CK3, among others, particularly CF1, CF2 and CF3.

  2. Oh I agree with that entirely. my question was in regards to the petition.

    I just dont understand why the councillors are wasting their time getting people to sign a petition that has no use, as whoever does buy the pub (its is only under offer) does not require planning permission to change the use.

    “Various ideas were discussed and will be pursued: a petition to Council demanding they refuse a change of use class is being organised.”

    I just think there maybe more productive ideas here than petitioning the planning deptartment to refuse something they are not going to be asked permission for.

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