Cllr Pat Mason in Portobello Market 2Labour Councillors challenge Minister on Planning Law changes that leaves local people powerless to protect their shopping streets and markets 31.5.13

Labour Councillor Pat Mason has written to Planning Minister, Don Foster, to protest about the disastrous planning law changes he has introduced only a week after visiting Portobello Market that won the Best UK Market Award.

Kensington High Street, Notting Hill Gate, Ladbroke Grove and the Portobello and Golborne Road Market could be overrun with lines of betting shops, PayDay lenders, pawn shops and gambling premises after the government introduced new planning rules this week that removed the right of residents to be consulted about what happens in their locality.

Colville market now 2From this week, Kensington and Chelsea Council and local people are now powerless to stop paper shops, cafes, restaurants, public houses, laundrettes and other independent shops being turned into betting shops and gambling premises. Local communities and the Councillors they have elected have been disenfranchised, whilst big business and developers can now set about wrecking fifty years of careful local planning, ruining the character of any area they choose in the process, and the government is allowing them to do it.

Labour Opposition Group Councillor Pat Mason said, “Tearing up our planning laws and axing our residents right to be consulted on what happens in their local area is utterly undemocratic and likely to ruin the character of Portobello and Golborne Market making it less attractive for visitors. The Tory-Liberal Democrat government has totally reneged on its promise to give local people more say in their local area, and to protect the character and economy of our borough. Shame on them for telling yet another lie”.


  1. ha ha well look Pat – they’ll soon change their silly little minds when its like the Harrow Road !
    guys ,often older citizens too, stand outside all day smoking and drinking Guinness then throw the bottles at cars . Oh YES. Its a place for them to congregate and chat you see, the betting shop,as they often have nowhere else to go and people don’t like to stay at home all day but they have nothing to do really so have a small flutter until the drink makes them have a bigger one ? Don’t get me wrong I would love to see more normal old school working people down the Portobello instead of the new toffs who try to run you over in their Mercedes (not made up -EMMA) The smell of money too from loansharks can make poor people feel ‘business is being done’ but it isn’t -its just abuse. These places Betting Shops and Loan Sharks are like open sewers running in our streets.

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