TOP TEN TORY FAILURES #3 – from ‘the most unequal borough in Britain’


Every day between 20 Feb and 5 March, when they will announce their alternative Budget, Kensington Labour Group will announce an area of extreme inequality in Kensington and Chelsea ‘the most unequal borough in Britain’.


The borough known as ‘The Royal Bank of Kensington and Chelsea’ has £180m in Reserves – and some of the poorest residents in London.

toryfail3corrected deprivationMonday 24 Feb


Multiple Deprivation is made up of a group of indicators comprising a range of economic, social and housing issues and are scored on lower super output areas (of up to 2,000 households).

In Queen’s Gate, the IMD score is 8.46 (‘least deprived ward in England’)

Swinbrook Estate off Portobello Road has an IMD of 53.02 (4% worst deprived in England)

Residents in Swinbrook Estate are nearly seven times more deprived than those in Queen’s Gate, a short bus ride away.

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