TOP TEN TORY FAILS #8 – From ‘the most unequal borough in Britain’

Every day between 20 Feb and 5 March, when they will announce their alternative Budget, Kensington Labour Group will announce an area of extreme inequality in Kensington and Chelsea ‘the most unequal borough in Britain’.

The borough known as ‘The Royal Bank of Kensington and Chelsea’ has £180m in Reserves – and some of the poorest residents in London.

#8, 3.3.14, employmentMon 3 March


Two-thirds of the adult population in K&C are in employment, most in full-time employment. While 35% work more than 49hrs/week – second only to the City of London – nearly 5,500 are seeking work.

In Pelham Crescent South Ken only 1.4% are unemployed.

Cross the road and this will rise nearly ten times, to 13.4% in Samuel Lewis Buildings.

Two-thirds of benefit recipients are retired, disabled, or actively seeking work. 915 aged 16-24 are unemployed, 1050 aged 50-74 are unemployed, 908 have never worked, and 2,298 are long-term unemployed; a vast majority of these are in the poorer wards.

‘Eyelash extension and tanning classes for the girls, watching paint pots for the boys: the sad tale of ‘raising aspirations’ through apprenticeships in Kensington and Chelsea.’ At least they will be able to ‘tan’ the Made in Chelsea cast.

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