TOP TEN TORY FAILS #9 – from ‘the most unequal borough in Britain’


Every day between 20 Feb and 5 March, when they will announce their alternative Budget, Kensington Labour Group will announce an area of extreme inequality in Kensington and Chelsea ‘the most unequal borough in Britain’.

The borough known as ‘The Royal Bank of Kensington and Chelsea’ has £180m in Reserves – and some of the poorest residents in London.

#9, 4.3.14,sportsandactivitiesTues 4 March


RBKC is blessed with parks and green space, tennis courts and other sporting facilities. However, over the years these have been ‘monetised’, with former kickabout spaces developed or transformed to ‘booking only’.

Funding for primary school sports activities has been decimated, and free swimming for children (and over 60s) stopped.

Physical activity for children 2009/11 reduced from 7939 to 6947

In the same period, obesity in Year 6 students has nearly doubled

Number of homeless children 0-18 in B&B/temporary accommodation estimated to be 1,800; two-thirds are housed out of the borough, far from school and other sporting activities.

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