The Labour Group wrote to the Leader of the Council, Nick Paget-Brown, to find out how many refugees would be offered support in the Royal Borough. This was his response:



If you are a full, registered or affiliated member of the Labour party you will be getting your ballot papers in the post in the next week – or two. The closing date for the vote is 10 September, so no need to panic.


For your vote for Leader, IF you have an order of preference  you can list your preferences  1, 2, 3, 4. Each of your votes will count. It is the same for Deputy Leader. Here is a good explanation of the alternative voting system that will be used to select the Leader and Deputy Leader of the party:

nb, if you only have one choice, you can ‘bullet-vote’, ie, vote for just one person, but you must put the number ‘1’ and not a cross or a tick.

Kensington CLP voted overwhelmingly for Jeremy Corbyn as Leader, and Stella Creasy for Deputy; this was ‘indicative’, the CLP vote doesn’t actually count.

 And you can of course vote for whoever you wish!



In London we will also be voting for your preferred candidate for Mayor of London, for which the election is May 2016:

For our Mayoral candidate we understand that the Labour Party is also using av as above.

Kensington CLP had two, we voted for Tessa Jowell, with Christian Wolmar close behind. Again this vote was ‘indicative’. You can put them in order of preference, and vote for all six or up to six.




And coming up:


On Weds 9 September those who have been full members for at least six months will be selecting our candidates to represent us on the GLA. More info on this on our MEMBERS’ INFORMATION page, click on the link above.

Do visit our Facebook page and ‘Like’ us, comments and (civilised) debate very welcome: 

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