Labour Leadership election – volunteer!

Corbyn for Leader

September 2015  Here we go again! Let’s make it a double in 2016


Some members have been asking how they can help in the campaign to re-elect Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader. Kensington Labour is not running an active campaign over August – despite our hugely increased membership (from 300 to 1500 in 18 months) we are still a small team at present who need a break like everyone else.

However there are two ways you can help over the summer:

Volunteer via JeremyforLabour –

Run a phone bank from home –

If you’d like to join the Kensington Labour team of volunteers, email us on and we will add you to the list for our next campaign.


On Monday 25 July, in accordance with Labour Party rules, Kensington CLP held a meeting to debate and select our nomination for Leadership candidate. The meeting was polite, respectful and comradely, Kensington members applauding speeches made for both candidates. The result is below, and repeats our nomination this time last year – Kensington Labour voted overwhelmingly to support our democratically elected Leader, Jeremy Corbyn MP.

CLP Leader nom votes

All eligible members will also vote individually; ballot papers should be with you in a couple of weeks.

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