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Grenfell Inquiry – Terms of Reference


Emma Dent Coad MP for Kensington voices her concern and anger at the announcement from No. 10 that the inquiry will not consider the wider social issues raised after the Grenfell Fire disaster and will instead run scared from external scrutiny and conduct an internal policy review.


“This announcement is precisely what we feared.


“We were told ‘no stone would be unturned’ but instead are being presented with a technical assessment which will not get to the heart of the problem: what effects if any the lack of investment into social housing had on the refurbishment project.


“The government has delegated this responsibility to an in-house team. We have no confidence whatever in the ability of Alok Sharma and a few politically compromised individuals to take on the task of answering this most important question. 


“In addition, we are hugely disappointed that the Terms of Reference have been published in the middle of August when so many concerned parties are away and unable to respond.


“The closing date for response was 4 August, yet somehow Moore-Bick personally managed to consider the detail of all 550 written responses within a short week, producing Terms of Reference which were then agreed by Theresa May over a weekend.


“How can the community possibly have faith in an Inquiry with Terms of Reference so hastily determined by the Prime Minister and her government?


“It is a complete betrayal of everything we were promised. Clearly, the government are running scared.”




Hands Off Carnival!

‘bitter Borwick has no mandate to interfere’


On LBC today, Borwick told carnival goers “Don’t bring your knives, don’t bring your guns, don’t bring your acid this year”.


Kensington’s Labour MP Emma Dent Coad, who overturned a 7,000 Conservative majority, has stated that her predecessor Victoria Borwick ‘has no mandate to interfere with Carnival’ and should ‘go back to supporting fracking, hard Brexit and persecuting elephants’.


Dent Coad says: ‘Borwick’s attempt today to promote her anti-Carnival agenda was frankly pathetic. She has no mandate to interfere and needs to accept that she cannot order anyone around anymore.


‘Post-Grenfell Kensington needs Carnival this year more than ever. It will provide a time and place for us to grieve, pay our respects, and begin to heal. Carnival is an expression of freedom and joy for the Afro-Carribean community that we can all participate in, as well as a major cultural event. The Council recognises that and this year more than ever is fully supportive of our grieving Carnival community.


‘Borwick is making a fool of herself and is out of touch with the Kensington electorate. Her comments today are distasteful, inappropriate, and insulting


‘She is clearly very bitter and cannot accept the result of the election. She was wrong on Brexit, wrong on fracking, wrong on reinstating the ivory trade, and is wrong on Carnival.’