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Why Are We Holding A People’s Convention?

Tory-led RBKC spectacularly failed Grenfell Tower tenants and North Kensington residents before, during and since the 14th June 2017 atrocity that killed 72 of our people and traumatised 11,000. RBKC promised to listen and act on what they heard, but 2 years after the Fire the latest Independent Grenfell Recovery Taskforce report said the Council is “going backwards”.

This year, RBKC introduced a not fit for purpose scrutiny system that won’t hold the Council leadership adequately to account, won’t devolve real decision-making powers to North Kensington and scrapped the Grenfell Scrutiny Committee against the wishes of bereaved families and survivors. Labour Opposition councillors opposed this and voted not to participate in a model that delivers nothing for our people.

Instead, we are offering a Convention which is a platform for democratic scrutiny of RBKC to decide how to hold them to account, what kind of devolution do people want, how should the £50m Grenfell Recovery Strategy be scrutinised and do we want to campaign to re-instate the Grenfell Scrutiny Committee. We start work on October 9th at 6.30pm at the Maxilla Club.

Pat Mason, Councillor

Leader of the RBKC Labour Opposition Group

Save Pembridge Hospice

NHS bosses plan the permanent closure of all 13 hospice beds at the Pembridge Palliative Care Centre in St Charles Hospital in North Kensington.

The beds are used by patients with a life-limiting illness for symptom control,respite and care in the last stages of life.

Having local beds means people and their families are cared for in a location near to them.

The catchment area of the Pembridge includes Hammersmith and Fulham,Kensington and Chelsea,Westminster and Brent.

Please sign the petition by going to