RBKC Labour Opposition Group Release, 5th June 2020

Conservative-controlled RBKC promised to be an open, transparent and listening Council after the Grenfell Tower Fire. But on the eve of the third anniversary of the Fire that killed 72 Borough residents in the worst disaster in peacetime history, it’s clear the Conservatives are returning to the bad old ways of the past.

In a sudden and startling move it was announced that the virtually-held 3rd June Leadership Team meeting would not permit any scrutiny questions from Labour councillors or members of the public who could attend but not speak.

The agenda included a Grenfell Recovery Strategy update, a Covid-19 Response report and others on new house builds construction works, Portobello Road Market and a supplementary planning document on community housing.

One Labour member who did attend forced the Council Leader to allow two questions after they made public they were being censured. This debacle no doubt contradicted the Council Leader’s many promises about listening and learning.

Labour Group leader Councillor Pat Mason said, “Stopping elected scrutiny councillors from holding the leadership to account for their decisions by banning them from speaking at a public meeting is anti-democratic. Actions speak louder than words, and the message received is that the leadership do not require anyone to hold them to account”

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