LP structure

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Kensington Constituency Labour Party (CLP or Kensington Labour) is the organisation that listens to, responds to and is ultimately accountable to Labour Party members in Kensington. We keep in close contact with Chelsea and Fulham CLP, which covers the five wards in the south of the borough that make up RB Kensington and Chelsea. C&F members often come to our meetings and speak at All Members’ Meetings (AMMs), though they are not allowed to vote – or to speak at nomination meetings.

At the beginning of 2015 we had 296 members; in August 2016 we had cc1500!

Kensington Labour holds monthly meetings which are open to all members and supporters; we have speakers on contemporary issues. Do contact us if you have a suggestion for a speaker. There are three local branches: North West, covering St. Helen’s, Notting Dale, Dalgarno and Norland wards; North East, covering Golborne, Colville and Pembridge wards; and South, covering the seven South Kensington wards. These branches also hold regular meetings to discuss local issues.

On national issues the local Party makes its views known through the Labour Party’s democratic structures. Kensington Labour was opposed to the war in Iraq and advocates the scrapping of Trident. It is affiliated to many trade unions, socialist societies and community organisations including Labour CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), Republic, Scientists for Labour, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, London Irish Abortion Rights Campaign, Sisters Uncut, Axe the Housing Act and WASPI. We debate these issues regularly, and our affiliations are discussed and renewed at every AGM so let us know if you would like to put forward any new affiliation.

Membership is open to all residents of the Kensington constituency. Get in touch if you wish to become involved.

Kensington Labour Party Executive:

CND rally - CopyChair: David Kear

Sept 2015 052



Vice Chair (Membership): Sina Lari


1 (2)Vice Chair (Fundraising): Emma Dent Coad

Secretary (Minutes): Soonu Engineer

Treasurers: David Kear & Mary Gardiner

Campaign Co-Ordinators: Marwan Elnaghi, Frank Kovacs (North-East), Judith Blakeman (North-West), Otto Barrow (South)


  • all can be reached c/o kensingtonlabour@gmail.com


  1. MANY CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GREAT VICTORY. A FORMER CONSERVATIVE MP, AND A STAUNCH REMAINER, I VOTED LABOUR (I have for the last 12 years but this time I feel I helped make a difference!) I am delighted at Cllr. Dent Coad’s great victory. Her reputation goes before her and I am sure she will be a highly active, and visible, constituency MP – in sharp contrast to her predecessor.

    If I can be of any help, and support, particularly in Holland Ward where I’ve lived since 1978, please do get in touch. We must ensure she is re-elected whenever the next General Election comes. As part of that strategy, I am sure Kensington Labour will want to make as great an impact as possible in the Wards south of those you hold in next year’s Council Elections. Again, I would be happy to do all I can to help.

    Keith Raffan

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