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Representing all our communities: Labour’s manifesto for Kensington & Chelsea


Kensington & Chelsea is London’s smallest borough. But from the Canal to the Thames, the strength of our heritage, the warmth of our diverse communities and the extent of our potential are beyond measure.

We’re proud of our cutting-edge schools, museums and universities; our world-famous Carnival; our unique small shops and markets; and the ability of our communities from across the world to come together – whether in celebration or crisis.

We deserve a council that cherishes and preserves our borough for future generations. This has not been happening. The Conservatives’ rent rises and benefit cuts are forcing families out and breaking communities. Social housing is neglected and unsafe. Our schools, police, and care services are starved of funding. The concerns and complaints of residents fall on deaf ears. Within our borough, life expectancy varies by decades. The response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy continues to move painfully slowly, with a bereaved community fighting for justice. Continue reading Representing all our communities: Labour’s manifesto for Kensington & Chelsea

Kensington and Chelsea Manifesto Launch 2018


Last night (26th March 2018) we launched our Kensington and Chelsea Manifesto.

We set out our plans to deliver real change for the residents of Kensington and Chelsea. Our manifesto aims to revolutionise the way Kensington and Chelsea Council serves it’s residents.

Just a few of our policy areas include:

  • 0% council tax increase
  • Support our EU citizens
  • Improve the quality of air in the borough

Councillor Robert Atkinson, Leader of the Labour Group, said of the manifesto:

‘We will listen to, respect and act upon the wishes of the electorate and not arrive at decisions in arrogant isolation. The new council will have less money than before, but we will spend the money more wisely and fairly to meet the needs of all our residents’.

Want to know more? Read our manifesto here.



Kensington and Chelsea Labour – Budget Response 2018

Councillor Robert Atkinson, Labour Group Leader, responding to the Kensington and Chelsea Conservative Group’s Council Budget, said:

Madam Mayor (MM) you will not be surprised to hear that the Labour opposition tonight will not be supporting the preposterous, indeed outrageous, idea that the residents of this borough (including those still suffering grievously from the effects of the Grenfell Fire) be made to pay additional Council Tax to put right the damage and horrors caused by this council.

To increase the Council tax this year will literally add insult to injury.


We are pleased instead to propose our own amendments which entail no increase in the Council’s own precept for the coming year and which will unveil a very different set of priorities for the next 4 years.

To be absolutely clear, we do not believe it right  nor necessary to increase the council tax this year and we have at least  4 important reasons not to do so :

Firstly, While it is a legal obligation for this  current ,disgraced and broken council  to set a budget and  a Council Tax of the borough,  there is nevertheless something not right in this arrangement when we all  know that, irrespective of the outcome of the vote on May 3rd, at least  half the people taking this decision tonight will not be here afterwards to take responsibility for the results of tonight’s decisions.

  Continue reading Kensington and Chelsea Labour – Budget Response 2018