Dinner composite

Above, our most recent fundraising dinner, at Toa Kitchen in Bayswater. Dr Rod Abouharb talked about the implications of Brexit, and we made cc£400.

As a ‘non-held’ constituency (ie, we have a Tory MP) we don’t have an office or regular admin help. But we need funds to pay for room hire, mailings, printed literature, and for an Organiser to run campaigning during elections.  We get a certain amount per member from the Labour Party, but this is far from enough to pay our outgoings.

We also have a Christmas party, and need to organise a Young Labour event, both of which will need funds for room hire and a welcoming first drink. Our membership has increased by an amazing FIVE TIMES since spring 2015, so we need ever bigger venues!

Fundraising is done in a number of ways:

  • we take collections at Constituency Labour Party All Member Meetings (CLP AMMs) to pay for room hire and other costs, which add up to cc£100 per meeting
  • we run a raffle at each AMM – donations for the raffle welcome!
  • we have fundraising dinners in restaurants two or three times a year, with raffles. These are priced as economically as possible but are usually cc£30 a head, half of which goes to CLP
  • you may wish to hold a dinner or drinks party with friends and have a collection for Kensington CLP – or have a whip-round at the pub
  • sometimes people send us one-off sums, which are always welcome.
  • cheques should be made out to ‘Kensington CLP’ and sent to 95 St Marks Road, London W10 6JW, or  can be sent online, details below.

We are also keen to get people signed up to pay a regular amount per month, even £3-£5 would make a huge difference to our funds.

Donate box

If you have any other fundraising ideas – and the time to make them happen – write to Emma c/o

Roll of Honour

Here we thank members who have contributed to our fundraising activities:


Meg, for tirelessly running our raffles, and contributing prizes

David, for contributing wine from his ‘cellar’ for raffles

Rene, for contributing some excellent art books for the Toa Kitchen raffle

Dr Rod, for giving us his time to come and speak at the Toa Kitchen dinner

Monica Main, for organising both the Palki and Toa Kitchen dinners

Stuart, for his regular contributions to funds

  • and to all those who attended events and contributed to our fundraising activities



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