The Borough Local Campaign Forum (LCF), also known as the Local Government Committee (LGC), supervises the selection process and selection of candidates for the Council. If you are considering applying to be a Councillor, you can talk to a Councillor or let us know on kensingtonlabour@gmail.com.  We will soon be starting the process for the local elections in May 2018. If you are eligible to stand, there are various stages to the process which you will be guided through.

Emails inviting expressions of interest will go out to all members in Kensington & Chelsea, and there will be training and other events you can attend before applying.

LCF comprises a large committee of ex-officio officers, plus delegates from North-East, North-West, South Branch and Chelsea . They appoint an interview and assessment panel which is overseen by an outside moderator (often a senior Councillor from another Council) and scrutinised by London Region office.

The LCF is currently Chaired by Ian Henderson. Selection proceedings are overseen by Sina Lari.

Agendas and Minutes of meetings to come:

10.4.14 – last full meeting held

29.10.15 (meeting cancelled)

31.3.15 (met but AGM postponed)

31.5.16 (meeting cancelled)

14.7.16 (meeting cancelled)

08.12.16 – AMG & Selection Timetabling Meeting