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I find it incredible that Norland Ward has lost two post offices in the past few years, and now has none. Local people now have to take a bus or walk up to 20mins for postal services and to collect benefit and pensions, or send paid carers to do so, instead of providing home care.

It just proves to me how out of touch local Councillors are.

It is quite shocking to hear that someone has been mugged because they had to travel to Shepherd’s Bush and were followed home. The perpetrators are guilty but local Councillors also have some responsibility to provide such a vital service to the community that uses it.

Vote for me and I will be your local voice for local people on issues that matter.

North Kensington to get new secondary school

At long last, young people in North Kensington are to get a new Secondary School. The site earmarked for the non-denominational Academy with its own sports facilities is by Kensington Leisure Centre sports pitches. The Labour government’s Building School’s for the Future programme has guaranteed funding of £30 million…

Local resident and local Labour candidate Beinazir Lasharie says “for years many of our local young people have had to go to schools outside the Borough. They will go to school in North Kensington thanks to many years of lobbying by Labour Councillors and local parents”.

Yet our Liberal Democrat opponents try to claim responsibility for the new school in their newsletters. We have a track record of achievement and don’t need to take credit for others hard work. We would like to ask for them to exactly just ‘how’ they achieved what they have claimed?