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Food Delivery & Donations

Councillors Sina Lari and Pat Mason at the Golborne Factory

Our Councillors have been working day and night to support residents throughout this crisis. The Golborne Factory People’s Kitchen is a new initiative to deliver fresh cooked food to vulnerable local residents on Sunday evening; Pat Mason and Sina Lari delivered to Hazlewood Tower tonight. Please donate to support the project here: https://www.goldfingerfactory.com/peoples-kitchen-to-your-door

The Kensington & Chelsea Food Bank at the Methodist Church is seeing a huge increase in demand and so would still appreciate your kind donations. You can continue to do this through the usual Kensington CLP account and the funds will then be forwarded. If you have online banking please send your donation to Kensington Labour Campaigns Acc No: 13495351 Sort Code: 23-05-80 and mark your donation “Food Bank”.