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Kensington Labour is delighted to announce that our parliamentary candidate is Cllr Emma Dent Coad

Emma Dent Coad was born in Chelsea as the youngest of six in an Anglo-Spanish family, and has lived in North Kensington since 1986. She has worked on design and architecture magazines for most of her career, and has written or contributed to a number of books. She still writes on occasion for Building Design and local papers, as well as for The Voice on local issues. For the past 11 years she has been a Councillor in Golborne Ward, one of the poorest wards in London. She has been politically active since the age of 15 and is a fearsome campaigner. As Planning spokesperson for the Labour Group she speaks out for all communities facing unwanted development where there is no community benefit.

Emma says: ‘Kensington is a microcosm of everything that is wrong in the country after seven years of incompetent government. In 2014 I proved that RBKC is ‘the most unequal borough in Britain’. It sickens me that in a very wealthy constituency we have Food Banks, worsening health and life expectancy, and the return of Victorian illnesses such as TB and even rickets. I see money squandered while residents struggle financially. The police chase super-cars in one area, and knife-wielding gangs in another.

‘I am Kensington through and through and would never stand in another constituency. As your representative in parliament I will speak out for all the communities of Kensington and work for a more equal society. My maxim is #OneKensington, and my personal knowledge of Kensington and its communities, together with my expertise in architecture and planning, will enable me to serve my constituency.

‘We are facing very difficult times with the Brexit negotiations, and like many I am torn between respecting democracy and dreading the outcome for all of us. In a constituency that voted 68% Remain, our MP voted to Leave the EU. This is a situation that I simply don’t understand.

‘I will never forget, I work for you.’


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Kensington Labour is delighted to announce the selection of their parliamentary candidate, Dr Rodwan Abouharb.

Dr Abouharb was born in Cardiff to an English mother and a Syrian father, and spent his first five years in Syria before returning to the UK. He comes from a modest but hardworking background and achieved scholarships to take him to university and post-graduate research; he is currently senior lecturer in International Relations at University College London.

Rod has pledged to work hard with Labour activists to get out the vote in the local and European elections next year, and to overturn Tory rule in Kensington in 2015, saying:

‘I will campaign to change how we make decisions in this country. We must make choices based on evidence, not ideology, that improve the lives of hard working residents in our communities.

I will campaign to end tuition fees.

I will seek to make the living wage a reality.

I will campaign to improve access to affordable housing.

I will campaign to prevent the backdoor privatisation of the NHS.

If elected, I will be a visible and accessible MP.

If elected, I will have a full-time staffed office in the constituency.’