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Swing: 8.3% Con to Lab
Turnout: 24.0%

A very good swing to Labour for our wonderful candidate Beinazir Lasharie, and huge thanks to the local and London-wide teams who pitched in with many hours of leafleting and canvassing.

We put in an outstanding performance in polling district NOA, which is where the vast majority of our energies were concentrated, and met many residents with concerns that are not being addressed by the Tories, who think it’s all about ‘planning and conservation’ in Norland. How wrong can you be?

Con: 675 43.8% (-11.6%)
Lab: 438 28.4% (+5.0%)
LD: 358 23.2% (+2.0%)
UKIP: 69 4.5% (+4.5%)

The following is an excerpt from an article in the Independent:

‘Labour edged up in the latest council by-elections during Tories’ conference week.
In its best result, at Norland in London’s Kensington and Chelsea Borough, Labour slashed Conservatives’ majority from more than 1,000 in last year’s polls – on the same day as the general election – to 237.
Kensington and Chelsea London Borough – Norland: C 675, Lab 438, Lib Dem 358, Ukip 69. (May 2010 – Three seats C 1864, 1804, 1654, Lab 787, 722, Lib Dem 714, 693, Lab 681, Lib Dem 534). C hold. Swing 8.8% C to Lab.


I find it incredible that Norland Ward has lost two post offices in the past few years, and now has none. Local people now have to take a bus or walk up to 20mins for postal services and to collect benefit and pensions, or send paid carers to do so, instead of providing home care.

It just proves to me how out of touch local Councillors are.

It is quite shocking to hear that someone has been mugged because they had to travel to Shepherd’s Bush and were followed home. The perpetrators are guilty but local Councillors also have some responsibility to provide such a vital service to the community that uses it.

Vote for me and I will be your local voice for local people on issues that matter.